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A bottle of Black Jack 18 Year Old Blended Scotch, coming to us all the way from the 1970s. Rare and in good condition. This is the best blended Scotch Whisky I have ever had, very glad to see it available ... Blackjack Whisky Reviews and Ratings - Blackjack whiskey appeared in the 2011 Beverage Testing Institute attributed to Mystic Mountain Distillery in Colorado. The whiskey is not currently (as of March, 2011) registered with the Alcohol Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau nor is it acknowledged on the Mystic Mountain website. For the moment, we know very little about this whiskey. Black Jack Scotch Whisky en Mercado Libre México

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My girlfriends daughter bought me a two miniature box set for Christmas. One was a 12 year old, and one was a 17 year old. Both superb. The 17 is smokier, and a little smoother but both are well rounded, with a fabulous finish.

Однобочковый виски или виски из одной бочки. | beercop [Single cask whisky].Купажированный виски и односолодовый. Очень долгое время виски производили только путём смешивания [blending], а то самое односолодовое направление [single malt] появилось не так давно, как многие себе это представляют. Chequers | Scotch Whisky Chequers Profile. Blended Scotch Whisky.The Leith-based blender was best known for his Abbot’s Choice brand, while Chequers evolved into a deluxe 12-year-old whisky that described itself as ‘an especially harmonious blend of 100% choice Scotch whiskies’. История возникновения виски. "БлэкДжек" (виски):… «БлэкДжек» - виски классический, односолодовый. Обжаренный солод придает алкоголю невероятный вкус и аромат. Благодаря современным технологиям в производстве спиртосодержащей продукции, получилось придать крепкому напитку мягкий аромат солода.

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