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Best Answer: The answer is: absolutely not. To me, sports require physical skill, strength, and endurance. Poker doesn't even come close to having any of these attriubutes. There is nothing worse than turning on ESPN and seeing "the World Series of Poker" , or something along those lines. Don't get me wrong ...

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Once your question has been posted for at least one hour and has at least one answer, click the 'Award Best Answer' button next to your chosen answer. Help with awarding a best answer Upload failed. Extreme Strip Poker BS? | Yahoo Answers I watched the retarded Strip Poker on ECW tuesday night. How Lame. As enough to prove the WWE front office i s retards to apologize for Vito's nudeness at No Mercy but then turn around and have a Weak azz strip poker competition on ECW. On top of that Maria was wearing fake azz flesh colored pantys. Who else believes this was hella ghey?

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Nov 19, 2007 · Best Answer: free chips? how? 400+ at 6-12 limit in a casino. I had AA and they held up. 8 people 2 and three betting the whole way...all on draws. it was amazing. worst beat: i honestly dont know. ive taken a few 2 outers. i think it was when i flopped a set and lost to a straight flush. but it was an online sng. most money i was bad beaten on id say was on stars, i played above my limit and

poker is not a sport, but it is a competition. ESPN broadcasts competitions, of which the most popular are sports. the semantics can be argued forever, because poker requires many skills that sports require. it doesn't shame poker to call it a competitive game and not a sport. people shouldn't feel like they have to "stick up" for NL holdem.

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